Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun Wine-Inspired Handmade Gifts

I love handmade goodies, and I love wine.  So for Wino Wednesday I thought I'd share some lovely wine-inspired handmade gifts that you can give the wine lover in your life.  Click on the item to be taken to it's listing:

Wine Infographic Art via Etsy
Stella Kenton Body Shop Sangria Lip BalmKeep Calm and Drink Wine Art via Etsy
Handmade Wine Cork Necklace via Etsy
Wine & Alcohol Art via EtsyWhite Zinfandel Wine Jelly via Storenvy
Chardonnay Wine Gel Candle via Etsy Wine Cork Keychains via EtsyRed Wine Candle via Etsy
Rustic Wine Rack via Etsy

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xoxo Miss Angie


  1. Wow that lip balm sounds interesting if I was a lip balm the bottles are just awesome

  2. Such a wonderful ideas! Love them all! My family is wine lover so I will need this list before Christmas!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. These are great. I will be adding several to my wish list.

  4. Those are some great products. Thanks for linking-up!

  5. Yes, I love these! So cute :)


  6. Cork jewelry?! BRILLIANT! I love the pallet "wine bar", too. Yay! Great finds!

  7. I LOVE that first pic, with the pairings?! I need that!! =)


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