Nail Polish, Nail Polish Art, Nail Polish-ish Swaps. Whoa.

Hello lovelies, happy Friday-and I really mean it when I say TGI-FREAKING-F.  Seriously, I had a break during the middle of the week but I'm already read for another! Cheers to the freaking weekend.  I took Wednesday off in order to take time to do some cleaning, but didn't get much done... Going to have to kick it into gear son though! Ready for some confessions?

I Confess...
I have been making art a lot lately.  Lovely little ink and watercolor illustrations of nothing other than nail polish.  Hey now, before you go judging me people are eating that stuff up!  Pretty much all that I've made are spoken for!

Nail Polish Illustration by My So-Called ChaosNail Polish Illustration by My So-Called ChaosNail Polish Illustration by My So-Called ChaosNail Polish Illustration by My So-Called Chaos

I Confess...
I can finally share a couple of illustrations with you I made in January.  I'd been saving them for friends for their birthdays so I haven't posted them anywhere until now.  Here are Megan and Julie.

Faceless Meggy Illustration by My So-Called ChaosFaceless Julie Illustration by My So-Called Chaos

I Confess...
I need to STOP buying nail polish.  But here is the haul this week... Some were from swaps, actually most, so they didn't cost me more than the shipping. But hey I got my very first piCture pOlish, my first A-England, my first Aly's Dream Polish, first Piggy Polish,  and my first holographic polish.  My new favorite polishes are A-England St George (seriously so amazing), and Color Club Halo-Graphic Miss Bliss.

Nail Polish HaulNail Polish Haul

I Confess...
This week's Manicure was Zoya Zuza.  It was grittier than I expected, but as the week grew I came to love it, and it lasted a long time!

Zoya Zuza

I Confess...
Maria is an angel that knows me well enough to send me my itty bitty beauty swap box full of nail polish.  You should follow Maria over at Agape Love Designs because she's awesome, and a go-to beauty girl.  She did an entire series dedicated to doing your makeup based off of the Disney Princesses.  Amazing. Oh, and follow over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps so you can join in our next swap!

The Itty Bitty Beauty Swap
The Itty Bitty Beauty Swap Package

Cara Box

I Confess...
I got my Cara Box Swap too!  I love the Cara Box swap, it's cheaper and fun!  I sent a package of food (because I had such a hard time figuring out what to send) to Tammi at If You Could See What I See.  Carissa from T is for Townsend  sent me this lovely package from Arizona.  She must know me, because there was an Essie in that box! One I'd been wanting for a while! Thanks Carissa!  Also thanks Kaitlin from Wifessionals for hosting!

Cara Box Package

I Confess...
Mr. Bingo told me he's coming to visit this month.  He'll be here around the 17th and I'm so excited to see him!  I miss his face.

I Confess...
I want to buy a Canon T3i DSLR soooooo bad.  Amazon has it for only $799 with the fancy lens.  However I'm having a hard time parting with my savings.  You see, I've never been good at saving money (if you ever doubt that, scroll back up and look at my nail polish haul) so now that I've actually learned to and I have a good chunk in the bank-spending any of it makes me cringe.  I feel scroogy about it.  But I really really want the camera... I think it'll improve my blogging and my shop photos.

Canon T3i DSLR
I Confess...
It's the Pride Festival this weekend, and I'm actually walking in the parade with the Utah Cyber Sluts (the drag queen charity group I volunteer with) and I have to confess that it freaks me out.  Seriously social anxiety to the max.  Also I plan on stopping by and saying hello to CFPU (the rescue I volunteer with) who'll have a booth there as well!   Kristina and my sweet godbaby are coming down to see me too! 

CFPU at the Utah Pride Festival

I hope your weekend is STELLAR! 

xoxo Miss Angie
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  1. I love the polish illustrations, so cute! I know how you feel about wanting to spend all your money on a nice camera. I complained daily about my dumb old $40 camera, and put off starting a blog and Etsy shop for so long because I felt like it was important to have good photos. I finally got the camera and it's taken me a while to get used to it, but definitely worth it!

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you liked your box! I was nervous about keeping with the theme, since I'm not really hip enough to know all the local boutiques and stuff like that. ...I'm thinking about wading into the world of photography too, I feel like I don't even know where to start! Any ideas?!

  3. What a great package! Great job, Maria...and what fun additions to your nail polish collection. :D

  4. I'm loving your nail polish paintings! So cute!
    Totally envious of your nail polish haul, and the packages you got in the mail!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  5. I love your drawings. They are fantastic. I have a Canon Rebel T3. I just need all the other lenses for it. What great nail polish additions!

  6. You are so talented, my friend. Your illustrations are darling!
    That camera looks like a nice one. My camera is *not so good*....the photos only look good in natural light!
    Why the social anxiety?
    Oh, and Maria did a great job with the swap.


  7. you should do this and make more artwork!

  8. wow nice package you got and love the nail art beautiful

  9. love all your nail art! i think your nail polish collection would put mine to shame!


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