Confessions, Fancies, and Nail Polish!

I confess...
I owe you guys some confessions.  Especially one about my break-up letter.  Last Thursday I received a text from Rocky asking what exit my work was on.  I couldn't get away from my computer since he came while I was on shift-so he said he had something for me and he'd leave it on my car.  When I got down to my car I saw an Envelope with Doctor Who on it.

Turns out it was a break up letter.  The minute I opened it up and started reading the first line I realized that and started laughing... Not that I was cruel or anything, I just thought it was hilarious because I figured we were already just friends-since we hadn't done anything remotely date-like in a while (other than him buying me flowers on my birthday).  The rest of the letter told me how it wasn't the religion thing (him being Mormon and me not) because he'd broken up with "the mormon girls" he was dating too.  Haha, which made it sound like he was dating like a twenty women or something lol.  It's all good-I texted him to say "LMAO cutest break up letter ever" and Shawn asked me if my laughter was a hysterical response.  Nope, it was just hysterical!

I Confess...
I am starting to think that receiving flowers equals the death of the relationship.  Even though with Rocky I'd pretty much already determined that we were friends, the only two times I've ever gotten flowers from a guy I was dating were a week or two before they "ended" it.  LOL.


I Confess...
While we're on the topic of dating... About a month ago I got an email on OKC from a guy telling me we had mutual friends and he wanted to get to know me.  I replied, but when I checked to see if he had replied later he'd deleted his profile.  A few weeks after that (on my birthday) I got a message from the same guy on Facebook letting me know he'd closed that account because he didn't like it (can't really fault him there-online dating is horrible!) and still wanted to go out sometime.  Since it was my birthday I was crazy busy all weekend, then out of town, so I told him we could definitely do so in May.


So I messaged him back a few days ago, and he wrote back... We'll see.  Gayvid (our mutual friend) assures me that he's "very sweet" and not a serial killer-so I gave him my number.  We'll see what happens.

I Confess...
This is pretty much my style lately... Although those pants are way too expensive-I wont pay over $50 for cropped pants! lol

Friday's Fancie's Casual Weekend Wear

I Confess...
While I bought and put together (well made Max put together since he's sleeping on our couch at the moment) a new dresser from IKEA to replace the old one my ex gave me that I hate and is falling apart-I haven't actually finished transfering stuff over so I can junk the old one... Hopefully I can this weekend, currently they're just sitting side by side...

Destroyed Dresser

I confess...
I have GOT to stop buying things... I bought more nail polish, and a bunch of stuff on sale at Torrid... But I want a DSLR this month so I need to be saving!   Wanna see my haul?  Hey to be fair-the following pictures is like 3 weeks worth...  Also my mani this week is Zoya Happi-one of my newest favorite polishes! 

Nail Polish HaulZoya Earth Day OrderZoya HappiZoya Happi

Happy Friday Friends! 
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  1. Okay, it's sad that a breakup note was in that envelope...cause that envelope is AWESOME.
    Love your style. Looks so easy and comfy.

  2. At least it was a cute break up letter envelope, and it was an actual letter and not a text. That's sweet that he hand delivered it too, so I give him props for that.
    We definitely have similar styles! I love any thing comfortable, and those mocossins - I want!
    Seriously jealous of all of the nail polish you have been buying! If only I weren't so broke.
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!!

  3. What a pretty pink shade! I'm glad my unemployment cut came AFTER I bought those Zoya polishes, so I can still enjoy being girly. In color! :D

    I think you're right, about the flowers. The only time I've gotten them was as an apology, or pre-breakup. WTF, guys? Ugh.
    I am hoping Gayvid's friend is an awesome guy. And not necessarily awesome as in sparks and chemistry and instalove, but awesome as in you two click and have things in common and enjoy spending time together. Well, either would work, really, but more well-adjusted, non-effed-up, straight male friends in your age range is never a bad thing (and if there's no attraction there, maybe he has more friends like him that you can meet....networking dating, as it were). What are you gonna do for a first meeting?

    1. And whatever happened with that letter from our mutual ex??

  4. This post cracked me up :) Also, I need to stop by your blog more often! I haven't been here in a while and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it. You are officially bookmarked! Haha :P


  5. What a cute break-up letter. I wish my exs where as sweet. No my break-ups were messy.

    I also LOVE those nail polishs. I have been wanting to buy more but I sooo can't afford it. I really need to get a job.

  6. I did the OKC thing for about a month. I got PLENTY of good stories for my blog. But I got really tired of receiving messages void of punctuation and full of half words.

  7. Love your style and wow nail polish galore may i borrow some

  8. you are developing quite the nail polish collection! :)

  9. Hmmm.....Dr. Who and a "beak-up" letter???? And you really weren't dating? Um.....I would have laughed, too! *giggles*

    I'm over here lurking today....been spending WAY too much time on my blog admiring it....so dangerous....


  10. Girl, you crack me up. No more nail polish!!!

    Glad that you're more amused than upset about Rocky.

    I'm going to send you flowers just to break the curse.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Hope you're having a good week!

  11. Happi is one of my fave Zoya colours too! But I think you might have a nail polish addiction... Haha.


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