2013: Dedication

Last year I chose Simplify as my word for 2012.  I feel like I did actually simplify my life. I cut out a lot of the stresses and people that caused the most drama.  I decluttered a lot, I did things I love, etc.  

When I sat down to figure out what word I wanted to choose for 2013, the first thing that came to mind was "change".  I want change.  I want something new-something different than I've been experiencing.  Then it dawned on my why things weren't changing-me.  I haven't been dedicated to myself enough to make change happen.  This game will be played no longer!  This year I am dedicated to myself-so the word I choose is "Dedication."

My So-Called Chaos Dedication

I don't want to set resolutions or goals for the new year-because that leaves it open to failure and if I am dedicated to myself I wont fail. I can't fail again.  I am desperate for change-for success.  The cycle must be broken.

This Year I Promise Myself
I will remain dedicated to myself, and not give up on me.
I will remember that I deserve MORE than I've allowed myself to want.
I will feed by body good things and exercise-I am dedicated to being healthy.
I will put myself out there and actually try to let myself be loved.
I will not date guys who don't want the same things I do.
I will stop selling myself short.
I will break the cycle.

                             Source: krisheap.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!! Stick to it - I just may try it too!

  2. That's a great word for the year! You can do it! I think if I had to pick a word for this year it would be discover...cause all the resolutions I have really have to do with discovering myself again...at least when you break them down.

  3. I know that you can do it! You seem so dedicated already. Get it girl!

  4. This is wonderful! So inspiring and I must say you have certainly inspired me.

  5. What a great word. I love this word of the year thing. Dedication is great concept and this post is just wonderful.

  6. I love the "I define my own perception" saying. It goes well with dedication. I hope you accomplish the changes you want with dedication and resolve.

  7. OMG...that's exactly me!!!!
    love this post! it's my inspiration!!!

  8. this is great, people seem to be doiing this this year, choosing a word. I need to think of one :)

  9. Yes! That's a fantastic word, fantastic pledge, and you definitely should. You can do it- and you will! :D

  10. Never sell yourself short! You deserve all the happiness in the world...we all do. I hope that 2013 turns out amazing for you, and thanks for linking up! xoxo


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