A House Full of Snakes

For being a person who is not afraid of snakes, and who even owns one, I often have nightmares about snakes.


Sometimes I have dreams that my apartment is filled with little tiny snakes like my Tess, and I am frantically trying to scoop them all up and put them in cages.  Other times one of the snakes follows me around like a dog, or I find him cut in half and growing another head like a worm.

The other night I dreamt that I bought a new house.  It was a duplex or a twin home, and my friends and I were hanging out in just one side of it, but we wanted to go into the other.  Upon entering the other side of the home, we quickly found that it was pretty battered, and full of very large snakes.  The snakes began jumping at us and we fled back to the safe/clean side of the home. In the clean side I started finding lots of little nice snakes again, and trying to put them all in the tank with my snake.

So what does it all mean? According to Dream Moods: "To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you."  A lot of sources say more simply that they stand for "change."

It seems logical to think that I would dream about snakes, or change rather, when dreaming about buying a new house. The fact that the one side scary snakes (a negative symbol), and the other side were nice snakes (a positive symbol), just reflects the duality of my situation.  On the one hand I'm very excited to be buying a house and have even started looking for options; on the other hand-I'm scared to death of it.

There's a lot of change coming my way this summer.  I find myself on the edge looking out into this great vast cavern of change coming and feeling two ways about it; first being, that I should enjoy every single day until that change because life will never be the same.  On the other hand I feel like that girl in the movies who's sitting with her back to the serial killer... You know he's coming for her, but the suspense waiting for what you know will arrive is so thick you find yourself hoping he'll just get it over with.  Weird.

Is it strange to be excited and scared to death of it all at the same time?  There is so much unknown out there right now.  For now, I guess I'll just keep dreaming of snakes and hoping for the best.


Favorite Pins this Week

I've decided to share one favorite pin of each board this week.
I hope you enjoy them :)

Favorite quote of the week:
(From my board: It Has Been Said)

Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

So true!

Favorite Hooping Photo of the week:
(From my board: Hooping)

Source: hoopcity.ca via Miss Angie on Pinterest

This photo reminds me of what I love about Hooping.  I need to get back to it.

Favorite pin for Home Decorating
(From my board: Dream Home Sweet Dream Home)

Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

I seriously can't wait to have a laundry room.

Favorite Furniture pin:
(From my board: Dream Home: Furniture)

Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

I really want this couch, but in Teal.

Favorite Gardening pin:
(From my board: Dreaming of a Garden)

Wagon wheel herb garden.  Awesome!

Favorite Crafty Pin:
(From my board: One Day I'll Make This)

DIY Nail Polish shelves.  Fantastic!

Favorite Crochet pin:
(From my board: In Stitches)

Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

Lovely rug, must try this.

Favorite travel photo:
(From my board: Wanderlust)

I miss the beach!

Favorite animal photo:
(From my board: Too Cute)

Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

Doesn't that make you want a Chihuahua?

Favorite laugh:
(From my album: Hilarity Ensues)

Hahaha, they're both HOT!

Favorite Recipe:
(From my board: Recipes)

Hey I made that! :) 

Favorite fashion photo:
(From my board: Fashion Forward)

Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest


Favorite product:
(From my board: Products I Love)

Solar chargers for your phone or iPod! Awesome!

Favorite Nerdy Pin:
(From the board: I'm a Nerd)

Source: fanboy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

I must find a way to get a DVD case like this!

Favorite Eye Candy:
(From the board: Eye Candy)

Source: google.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

I'm on a huge Joel Mchale kick.  He's a hottie.

Favorite Nail Polish pin:

Doctor Who Nails for the win!!!

Favorite Hair Pin:
(From my board: Hair, Makeup, and Nails-Oh My!)

I wish I had enough guts to go that color.

Favorite causes pin:
(From my board: Adoptable Loves)

Please share this pin if you can.
Even if you can't take in a foster, someone you know may be able to.
Fostering saves lives, and we help pay you!
If you're in Utah, apply to be a foster HERE.

Favorite Tattoo:
(From my board: Ink Fever)

Such a great giraffe with a fantastic message!

Favorite Website this week:
(From my board: Websites & Articles I ♥)

Source: badrap.org via Miss Angie on Pinterest

Badrap.org is dedicated to helping the educate the public about Pit Bulls and their true nature.  Education, training, information for adopters, etc.  It's so great!

Favorite Organizational tip:
(From my board: Organization)

Cleaning stove burners!  This tip will work for other things too!

Favorite Wishlist Item:
(From my board: Wishlist)

Source: etsy.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

I am debating buying it... Since the one I was going to buy she's sold and I'm worried it'll go away. I want it so bad!  What the hell, might as well buy it...


Happy is Good Planning & Being Social

I am happy that we were able to go to Meggy's brother in law's birthday party on Saturday night.  I got to meet this silly little face:

Charlie, the calm and forked-tongued Pekingese Pup

I am happy that we got to spend time with Meggy, Jon, Tia, and Chad AND meet lots of new people.  It was nice to be social; even if I wasn't feeling entirely up to par.

"I'm pretty sure that was STARTER FLUID!" -Meggy

I'm happy that my friends all have puppies I can play with to help ease my need for a puppy.  I still can't wait to get my own though.

Introducing Thor the Weenie to Petre the Bunny
I am happy for super productive Sundays.  I did a load of laundry, went grocery shopping, fed and bathed the snake, obtained a birthday gift for Ortie, started making packages for the Fun Bus trip, watered all the plants, and prepared meals for this week.  My Recipe HERE.

Supplies for my health breakfasts.
Healthy grab and go salad lunches for work.
I am happy that I have the main part of my gift bags for the fun bus done!

I am happy for my favorite tea.  I can't tell if I have allergies or am getting a head cold (I am SO tired of being sick this year) so I'm downing the Echnicea tea.

It's amazing!

I'm also happy that my sweet little Tomato plant not only did not die (as they do every year) but also has new blossoms! So weird!



So I've started adding my web address and logo to my photos, after reading information on how people just steal pictures without giving any credit.  What do you think about this?  Do you put your info on photos you take yourself to prevent theft or people claiming it as their own without sourcing you?

I'm really interested to hear what you guys think.  :)


(MM) Part of Me

This week's song:

Part of Me
by Katy Perry

First off, I have to say that (IMO) this is the worst music video ever. She sees him talking to another girl and all of the sudden joins the marines?  I feel like it doesn't fit with the song and the whole thing is one big advertisement for the Marines.  (I'm not saying I don't support our soldiers, just that I hate this video.)  Then there is the random drowning of a guy in the swimming pool, and dancing under a giant flag... DUMB.

However I do like the song.

Though I may like this cover better:

Part of Me
Cover by Tyler Ward

(You can purchase his version as well)

Days like this I want to drive away
Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade
You chewed me up and spit me out like I was poison in your mouth
You took my light, you drained me down
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me...

This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me
This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me 
Throw your sticks and stones, your bombs and blows
But you're not going to break my soul
This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me  

I just wanna throw my phone away
Find out who is really there for me
You ripped me off, your love was cheap
Was always tearing at the seems
I fell deep, you let me down
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me


Now look at me I'm sparkling
A firework a burning flame
You will never put me out again Oh No


So what are you listening to this week?
Don't forget that everyone who links up is entered to win a Yearly drawing at the end of the year for awesome prizes! 


Good Friends & Avoiding Exes

I confess that taking a Thursday off for my free day at work was just the thing that I needed.  I spent Wednesday night at Kristina & Ken's house, and then most of the day Thursday with Kristina and the kiddos.  We got up and made waffles together, dropped kids off at school, and went shopping.  It was a lot of fun!

I confess that having dinner with Kristi, the kids, Josh, and Max last night, and then going home to play games with all of the above plus Courtney, Taylor, Ortie, and John, was so much fun.

I confess that I played a card game called Kittens in a Blender and loved it.  It was fun!

I confess that before I drove up to Kristina's Wednesday night-my ex (the one I am no longer friends with due to issues in December) was hanging out there.  Kristi looked at him and told him he needed to go home because I was coming over, and responded with "I can be civil if she can." She just said "No, she doesn't have to be GO HOME!"

I confess that I could probably be civil if I had to, as civility is not the issue here; thing is-I don't have to.  He doesn't deserve to have me around, and he certainly needs to learn that if he's going to play this game where he just drops friends, then he gets to also not be around those people-even if that means he has no other friends.  He made his bed and he can lie in it.

I confess that I know what he'd do.  He wouldn't just be civil; he would play nice and try to do what he always does where he weasels his way back in and never admits he was wrong but somehow is a friend again.  NO. I refuse.  I do not need people like that in my life.

I confess that it was HILARIOUS when we went to the store to get food and he was there.  His brother came up and started talking to us, and asked me why I hadn't been around lately.  I told him "I just don't come up much.  That and I'm not talking to your brother."  He looked at me and said "I know, he's hiding over there!" Hahahaha.  Kristina and I laughed so loud and spent the rest of the evening giggling over the whole experience.  Then his brother hit on me... *Shudder*

I still laugh about it when I think about it.  Loser.

What do you have to confess?



Walking Dead Funnies

In honor of the season finale of The Walking Dead, I thought I'd share some funnies.  If you watch the show, you'll probably get a kick out of them.  Some have some adult language, so if that bothers you, don't continue reading.

Source: addfunny.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

Source: i.imgur.com via Miss Angie on Pinterest

(Come on, we were all thinking it...)

(Or how about me?)

And as for my WTF moment...
Why are these two still alive?

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