Monday, January 30, 2012

MM: A Girl, A Boy, & a Graveyard

This week's song:

A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard
by Jeremy Messersmith

Lucy takes the long way home
Meets me in a field of stone
She says "I don't know how I"m supposed to feel
My body is cold, my guts are twisted steel.

And I feel like I'm some kind of Frankenstein
Waiting for a shock to bring me back to life
But I don't want to spend my time
Waiting for lightening to strike"

So underneath the concrete sky
Lucy puts her hand in mine
She says "life's a game we're meant to lose.
Stick by me and I'll stick by you.

I'm like a princes in a castle high
Waiting for a kiss to bring me back to life
But I don't want to spend my time
Waiting for just another guy"

I heard this song on The United States of Tara the other day and immediately had to pull out my Shazam app and find out what it was.  The bolded lines above are what hooked me and after listening to it a few times I really fell in love with it.  So sweet, and sad-with a pretty little melody.

What are you listening to this week?

Friday, January 27, 2012

I Confess


I Confess That I'm trying to get my Etsy store submitted to Heartsy to run a super sweet deal on things.  If you haven't already, could you do me a favor and go vote for my shop?  They need more "Yes, Definitely" votes in order to approve it.

I Confess that sweet Jessica from The Landlady Diaries totally made my week by sending me a sweet surprise package.  It had two glitter skeletons that she made for Christmas, some mixed CDs to brighten my day, a picture frame, a sweet card, cute nail polish, a candle, and a candle holder that matches the cute little tray I got from Mamarazzi's Favorite color swap a while back.  Awesome!

I Confess that it was just the thing I needed in a week that has been hellish.  It's been super busy/stressful at work, and I'm beyond exhausted and not feeling well.  I'm so over it.  TGIF!

I Confess that I learned from Impulsive Addict that to burn off the calories from just one single M&M you need to walk the entire length of a football field.  I still have a bag in my drawer I haven't been able to even look at since then...

I Confess that I"m kind of over Facebook and the drama it brings... I doubt I'll ever get over it completely, but good god people-you don't need to post every complaint you have.  It's OK once in a while, we all feel those feeling sometimes and just need to vent-but let's put some positive into the world! Let's make other people feel happy just knowing us and seeing our statuses.  And by all means, the passive aggressive status attacks need to DIE!  Seriously.

I Confess that you should read this flow chart if you aren't sure whether you are wearing pants or not.  It's very informative.  Huzzah, I'm probably wearing pants.

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

I Confess that I heard Moshe Kasher on the radio in the car this morning, and laughed soooo hard!  He did this bit about how he has deaf parents and his mother had to type on the computer for the operator to call him as a teenager, it went something like this:

  • Deep voiced operator:  Hello son.
  • Moshe: GOD?!?!?!
  • Deep voiced operator: No, it's your momma, how are you dear?"
  • Moshe: Mom?  You're a black man?
I laughed so hard, I need to check out more of his work now.  He's funny.

What do you have to confess?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

27 Years!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful parents!
If it weren't for this day 27 years ago, I wouldn't exist!

The above picture is from the only family photos we've ever done.
I was about 12 or 13 in the photo (I'm guessing, it's been a long time.)
We all look like such babies, and look how adorable Ry is there in the front.

I love my parents, and I'm proud of them for sticking it out thick and thin.
And for still loving each other after all of this time.

Psychology of Color

Source: Uploaded by user via Angela on Pinterest

Thought this was interesting enough to share! 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reading Nooks

As most of you know, I'm hoping to buy a house sometime this summer.
One of the things my dream house would have is a reading nook.
I pretty little corner where it is quiet, comfortable and cozy.
Hopefully next to a nice large window.

I've been pinning nook ideas...

Warm windows surrounded by a library of books...

Source: via Mandy on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest
Source: via Angela on Pinterest
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

I love that this one can be closed up if wanted...
Clean and clear relaxing spaces in windows...

Cozy little spaces...

Source: via Angela on Pinterest
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Whole rooms for reading with walls stacked high with books...

Source: Uploaded by user via Angela on Pinterest
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Source: via Angela on Pinterest

And whatever the hell this is... lol


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy List

My roommate is the greatest.
He's my best friend, and lately we've been closer than ever.
Talking, sympathizing, and generally just spending quality time with each other.
I love him dearly, and am extremely grateful to have him in my life.

Kristina & Courtney came to visit last weekend.
They came down for the Chinese New Year party and it was so good to see them!
Kristi is pregnant, and I'm soooo happy for her-and little Court is growing up.
Quality time with these great ladies is awesome!

 Gong Hey Fat Choy
It's the year of the Dragon folks, and for that-I'm HAPPY!
The year of the Tiger sucked, and the year of the rabbit was frustrating.
I mean there were good things both years, but overall they weren't the greatest.
I have a feeling this year is going to be better.

Source: Uploaded by user via Laura on Pinterest

No-drama friends.
I'm grateful for those friends of mine who are stress free.
Who cheer me up and never tear me down. Soooo grateful!
Shawn looked at me yesterday and says "If friends are hateful-they're not your friends."
So true.

Game night tonight!
We're going over to Shawn and Justin's for Game night!
A nice drama/stress free relaxing game night!

The snake is healing.
She ate yesterday, and her wounds seem to be healing up.
I'm still soaking and her and putting on cream but at least there isn't anymore shots!

What are you happy about this week?


Monday, January 23, 2012

MM: Human Punching Bag

This week's song:

Human Punching Bag
by M. Ward

Human Punching Bag by M. Ward on Grooveshark


I feel like an emotional punching bag.

I understand that I'm not perfect, that I can make mistakes or sometimes be thoughtless when I speak, but I never do anything with bad intention.  I never set out to hurt someone, or specifically try not to be there for anyone.  I care, I really do-and I try to show that as much as possible.  But I'm not perfect, and I make mistakes-I'm human.

Most of the time, I'm not really aware that I made a mistake or hurt anyone's feelings-and if someone felt slighted by me I'd expect them to do the adult thing and tell me so we can address the matter.  I can't take it when someone just decides everything I have ever done is wrong and sets out to give me a massive emotional beating tearing me down and telling me every little thing they think is wrong with me.  Usually this comes with a complete disregard for anything I've ever done in the past that was good or the fact that there was no bad intention to begin with.  

It seems a lot that they save everything from their lives up and explode all over me without even taking the time to acknowledge that I have a side to the story, and that I may or may not have done what they're accusing me of.

My closest friends have discussed it with me and try to convince me it's not all me, and people are just taking out everything (regardless of whether it has anything to do with me or not) on me-and I take it instead of trying to protect myself. I take it because I feel like they need me to.  They need to de-stress, or they're grieving and need an outlet-so I swallow my pride and push self-defense to the side and simply say "I'm sorry." 

But I can't take it anymore. I'm only human, I make mistakes and will own up to what I can, but I have no more strength for the continual emotional beatings I take.  I'm done.  I don't love anyone any less, but I'm no longer going to accept being the punching bag, or hold onto the stress that these occasions bring.  It's not fair to myself.

For now, I need to just step back and breath and try to heal from all of these bruises.  Luckily, I have a few really amazing people in my life that have offered kind words and loving hugs that have helped in more ways than they know.  To them, I am ever grateful for their love and support.

What are you listening to and why?
Link up! 

Friday, January 20, 2012

So Much to Confess...

I Confess...
I've decided to start offering custom beanies and scarves on my Etsy Store!  So far I have more examples of beanies... Want one?  I'd be happy to make you one!  See prices, options (though I'm open to more than are listed), more pictures, and even place an order HERE.  (you can also email me or leave a comment requesting one if you don't want to order through Etsy.)

My gorgeous sister played model here.

I Confess...
Another blogger sent me an invite to join Superpoints, and though I've never really been interested in anything like this before, it's been interesting to learn.  She's made $500 in the last six months on it, and I like making money on the internet! You can take surveys, or complete tasks for points-and they add up so that you can get prizes or cash with them.  One simple one is joining Netflix for 700 points-if you want Netflix anyway-that's easy! I've mostly just been seeing surveys.

Let me know if you want an invite! I can reach Gold status if I can get to people to simply sign up! (it doesn't spam you or anything.)

I Confess...
This also led me to find RewardTV which is mostly surveys about movies and tv, and it's super generous with points!

I Confess...
The snake thing is stressing me out.  Her belly was red again yesterday and I worry that she's still getting too warm in her house.  My Rheostat came in finally so I'm playing with adjusting the temperature, but it's still so difficult! Also, I'm glad there's only 2 more shots left-I'm so done with the needle part!

I Confess...
I found out I can't actually get a house until after June, so that's being pushed back.  I had my numbers wrong before... Oh well.

I Confess...
This week has been long and draining, and I'm damn glad it's Friday because I need a break!

I Confess...
I have a party I'm throwing tomorrow, but have done nothing to prepare.  I pretty much forgot about it until yesterday.  Oh well, I'll figure something out.

I Confess...
Even though he and I are not friends anymore due to the blowout in December, when I heard that my ex/ex-friend had experienced heartbreaking tragedy-it was my instinct to jump in and help as much as I could.  I realize I can't-and so I avoided messaging/texting him to offer help and just told his sister-in-law that if they needed help I would be more than happy to.  Us not being friends anymore doesn't change the fact that I care about him, love his kids more than anything, and think what happened was horrible.

I Confess...
I like animals more than people.  I think that people who do anything bad to animals should have the same done to them or worse.  The above mentioned tragedy was that his neighbor fed his dog rat poison.  She was one of the sweetest and mild-mannered dogs ever.  The kind that actually gives Pitbulls a better name because she was nothing but love and sweetness and as timid as it gets.  Come to find out that jerk has poisoned at least 2 other dogs in the neighborhood.  So terrible.  Why do people do things like this?

Last I heard they were giving her $700 in transfusions to try and save her life, but weren't sure it would actually work.  So heartbreaking.
She really is the sweetest dog.

I Confess...
I don't want to end on a sad note, so here's something to brighten you back up and make you smile:

Source: Uploaded by user via Angela on Pinterest

What are you confessing this week?

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