Flash Sales, Parties, Wine, and More!

First thing, I wanted to announce that in my Etsy shop I am offering FREE domestic shipping on all orders.  If you want any custom orders I need to have them ASAP in order to get things to you in time for Christmas.

I'm also offering a couple of Flash Sales this week.  I'm offering my Cotton Candy Scarf for only $20.00 (originally $35.00) and my Through the Looking Glass necklace for only $5.00 (originally $10.00.)  These are steals, and you still get the free shipping!  These would make awesome Christmas gifts, or a great treat for yourself.

This weekend was a pretty fun one.  Friday night the roommate, Julie, Angel, and I all went out for dinner for the roommate's birthday.  We went to Iggy's which was horrible-the food was bland and they really screwed up my order (thank goodness they didn't make me pay for it!) but the company was a lot of fun.  I don't see Angel often enough so that made me happy!

1. Angel & the roommate.  2. Julie making a french fry tower.

Saturday night we went to Tia's house for her little sister's birthday party.  It was a lot of fun!  Seeing Meggy, Jon, Tia, Chad, and those other friends makes me very happy! :)

1. Meggy and Charlie-so cute! 2. Julie rocking her new haircut. 3. Julie & Tia. 4. Chad giving Julie bunny ears.

Other things that are making me happy this week:
  • All of my wonderful new followers!  I seriously cannot believe I reached over 1,000! 
  • Wine.  Wine is making me very happy lately.  I'm on a huge wine kick.
  • The awesome cards I ordered from Painting Bliss-they're amazing! 
  • Ashlie with Painting Bliss sent me an extra little skully surprise with my cards!

How was your weekend?
What are you happy about?
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  1. Because your shop wasn't tempting enough you had to go lure me in some more! Just you wait til I get money in my bank account. I have one of your purple bookmarks and am SO in love with it!
    Glad to have you back :D

  2. i'm currently happy about it being december! it's my favorite month - and i'm not even like a huuuuge holiday person either.
    well, i found you via the GFC Blog Hop today. i'm your newest follower. can't wait to check out your etsy shop & get to know you more!

  3. glad your back and like Kemzie you just had to tempt me didn't you

  4. looks like an amazing weekend!!! your etsy shop is way too cute.
    thanks so much for linking up!!!

  5. If you want good wine, Stacy (uncorked) should be your girl, she's sent me a few bottles and they're AMAZING!

  6. It looks like Julie is playing Jenga with french fries. Which made me wonder why I've never done that.

  7. I am really impressed with that french fry tower! I just found your adorable blog through the GFC hop! I am excited to be your newest follower! I would love for you to stop by sometime and follow along if you'd like :)


  8. Yay for birthday parties! And I'm jealous of your Christmas cards. I've already ordered mine so getting more right now doesn't make sense...but you're are so darn cute.

    The Happy List linky is on my blog. Come link it up!

  9. Love the Christmas cards. Looks like you guys had a blast!!

    I'm your newest follower. Come visit our Aloha Friday Blog Hop if you haven't already!! It's a great and easy way to get followers to your lovely blog/website or to your Twitter/Facebook, etc...
    Link up your website and pages too! Aloha Friday Blog Hop {HERE}


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