Last week was hellish.  For some reason the vast majority of customers I had to deal with at work were rude, and mostly for no reason, which turned my already burnt-out feeling into utter disaster.  Top that off with management coming to me and telling me I had to go through all of the hassle to switch desks because the other team was complain, and I nearly exploded. Friday I was in full bitch/rage mode until I was able to leave and rush home.

Due to the utter bitchiness I felt, I chose to skip Gay Bingo this month.  I helped Josh get ready (the theme was toga, so we used a long piece of white fabric and I safety pinned it all together) and then I decided to head to Barnes & Nobles to indulge in a green tea latte and shop for books.  It's amazing how much an hour of that will turn things around.
Look how cute these little magnet bookmarks are that I bought.
I wanted this pretty boxed set.

I also bought the books for my book swap, but I wont share pictures here until after my partner receives them.  Can't wait to send them!

On the upside, I had three days last week where I drank the whole 72 ounces of water! Still not enough, but it's a start and that makes me happy!

I also had to laugh that the weed Julie picked and stuck in the planter to "watch it die" actually started growing and thriving.  However less than a day after I took this photo they came and tore it out to put actual plants in the planter.

Saturday we woke up early and went to the Farmers Market, and then in the afternoon we drove up to Layton to catch the last few minutes of Kristi's baby shower and then go see Prometheus.  After we went over to an old friend's house to hang out with that old group.  I'd avoided it for quite some time due to old drama between some of those people and me, and was not looking forward to what may happy with them again... However with those people and I, it went well. We mostly just ignored each other.  Then there was other drama, unrelated to me at all, that made us leave early.  I'm really happy that we can now be civil so I don't always have to plan my around them.

I spent the night at Kristi's and then we got up and went to breakfast at the Star Cafe the next day.

I Love these guys!
My honorary niece and nephew.

Then we left the kids with Ken and Kristi and I went book shopping for her book swap books! I also splurged and picked up both of these books in hardcover. I can justify it as in honor of Ray Bradbury passing away last week.  One of my favorite authors, and Fahrenheit 451 has always been one of my favorite books.  I want to read Something Wicked this Way Comes as well.
R.I.P Ray Bradbury

I also have these adorable pictures of the honorary kiddos!

Cute little cowboy!
Courtney took this, but I had to share it.
Then Kristi and I came home and crafted, look how cute! (There will be a tutorial on this sometime in the future).  Crafting makes me happy.
How was your weekend?



  1. Love your random post! I saw those cute little magnetic book marks and almost bought some..hmmm I just might have to go back to the store!

  2. Yay you got my books :). Lol. I've gotten one for you. I need to hurry and get the rest. So excited!

  3. I'm glad your rough start did not ruin everything. Books, tea, and just time to relax always does wonders. I love your happy list, you have a lot to be happy about. How exciting a book swap, now that is a swap I would love to try.

  4. Books are soothing to the soul. You're doing awesome at sticking with the water. Thanks for linking up and have a fabulous Tuesday!

  5. I love finding refuge inside Barnes and Noble. It really is amazing how awesome that store is!

  6. Books are so relaxing. I need to get back into the one I started a few weeks ago and just relax.

    Love the crafts, cant wait to see a tutorial.

  7. Hhhhiii! I'm BACK! Good to see you and read again! You had a busy week, but "Don't let the bastards get you down!" Defeat them by moving forward. Books are my fav escape!


  8. hiding in book stores is my favorite thing to do

  9. Yay for happy things! I hope this week is a huge improvement over last week. And those bookmarks look really cool...I can't wait for the tutorial!

    The pic of the kids in their Western/Cowboy getup is priceless....definitely keep that one for when they're older! :)

  10. Got two of the three books for my partner…having a hard time with the middle one because we don't love the sae kinds of books. I don't want her to be disappointed or to not want to read the books I send!


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