Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh Craft Room...

Continuing on in the spirit of sharing my pins having to do with my dream home, here are some lovely craft rooms.  I dream of having a sweet little room full of organization, bright colors, and inspiration where I can work on creating things...

Source: via Miss Angie on Pinterest

Aren't they lovely?



  1. These are such awesome spaces! Seems like you're super excited to get a house of your own! It'll be fun for sure!

  2. How cool! My mom is a mosaic artist, so she has a pretty neat workspace in my sister's old bedroom, but nothing like these pics!

  3. i want one of those rooms they are so cute

  4. OoOoO....and to think, I just painted mine light blue and put up inspirational art. I think I need more color in mine, now! :D

    You are going to have SO much fun nesting!

  5. I like them all,but have to admit that the one that says dream might inspire me to do just that an snoring else...just sitting on a frilly pillow...dreaming!

  6. Sadly I am not crafty. BUT I would try to be in these rooms :)

  7. I love them all and I wish I had room in my house for a craft room but, alas, I don't. :(


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