Photography: When I Grow Up

For my final project in my Intro to Photography class, we were required to tell a story with a series of photographs.  We were also required to print them out and mount them in order to show them off in class.  The professor's biggest stipulation?  Don't be boring.  A point most of my classmates did surprisingly well on-it was fun to see all the projects!

I ran through a bunch of different ideas... Ranging from documenting a day in the life of different people I knew (moms, technical support representatives, kids, etc.) to documenting a road trip to buy lottery tickets and discount liquor-since you can't get either of those in Utah.  Instead, I ended up enlisting my 10 year old goddaughter in a project I've titled "When I Grow Up".  The idea behind the story being her documenting and trying out all of the things she wants to be when she grows up, but ultimately deciding to just stay a kid for a while longer... Here's that story.

Right now she's obsessed with rocks, so the Geologist is her main career goal.  Ultimately, she did find it super tedious and beg to go back out and play with the other kids, so the project was slightly self-fulfilling-which is good, because this cute girls needs to stop trying to grow up so fast.

What did you want to be when you were little?


The Weekly Round-Up: May 24th, 2015

♥ Heather from The Nerdy Fox shared a really awesome recipe for some fresh homemade salsa, and it looks totally delicious!  I'm such a salsa addict, so I'm definitely going to have to try this-and soon!

♥ Kimi from Kimi Who wrote about a flight attendant tho participates in the Passenger Shame Game and posts shaming pictures of her passengers sleeping.  I really kind of want to get her fired, because A: That's just terrible, and B: It's not a very professional way to represent your airline.  I wonder if someone sent her Instagram account to her bosses how that would go over...

♥ Melanie from Making it in the Mitten shared this tutorial for a DIY Outdoor Palette Bar and I totally want to do it when I get a house.  How cute (and space saving) is that?  WANT!

♥ Rowan from Funning Up My Life shared this recipe for Chili Chai Tea.  Um, YUM!  Must try this.

♥ Stephanie from The Nerdy Photographer takes such awesome Street Photography.  I just love it.

♥ Raewyn from Be a Warrior Queen wrote this fantastic post about Friendship Red Flags and What to Do About Them.  We tend to talk about dating red flags a lot, but sometimes we forget that friends come with their own set as well.  She had some great points here.

♥ Ashlie from Painting Bliss shared a great post about Finding Your Happy.  She gets real, and she's raw, and I just love posts like that.  Posts that not only show you the writer's deepest and darkest, but also their brightest light as well.

What are your favorite posts this week?

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Review: Let's Get a Little Weirder with Those Firmoo Glasses

Hey, remember a few months back when I had a whole breakthrough about my glasses that I got from Firmoo?  I mean, my whole life I'd just chosen the basic metal frames (like this first pair I got from them) and I thought I was perfectly happy with them.  Until I broke the mold and ordered those big-framed black glasses and found I was in love.

So when Firmoo contacted me again this time to do a new Summertime review, I decided I wanted to get a little weirder with my choice.  You only live once right?  I'm working to embrace my weirdness, so I picked the biggest frames and a funky pattern (hello, they're half turquoise half tortoise) and dove right in.

Firmoo #F1009

The pair I ordered were #F1009 and they very conveniently arrived just before my birthday, so I was able to debut my new look at my party with my friends and family.  I received so many fun compliments on them that evening, and I've been wearing them ever since!  They're big, and they're bold, and they definitely make me feel like I'm embracing my inner weirdness-I love them so!

So here's to our inner weirdness!  I'll raise a glass to that! And you?  Snag yourself a cool new pair of glasses from Firmoo.  You can keep up with the hottest new frames on their New Arrivals page, or get a good discount from their 15% off page!

Review: Let's Get a Little Weirder with Those Firmoo Glasses

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