Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall Fashion with Rosegal

I love when you can find fabulous fashion finds for not a lot of money.  I mean I work full time, but college and bills literally suck up the majority of my budget.  But I also like to spend money when I'm stressed, and let's face it-college equals stress.  So when I find a site that has great stuff and even better prices it goes right into my rotation.  One I'm loving?  Well,  You know what's even better?  They offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.  I know.  I blew your mind.

Especially now.  I mean it's Fall... Fall means sweaters and boots and lovely warm things to wrap yourself in.  Finding those things for low low prices is even better. Let's not forget to be bold and striking in our endeavors to keep warm this season.  They also have a whole sections just for their red sweater shop-see it HERE.  Love it-here are a few faves:


Also, you know how it's hard to find a warm jacket that is also cute? Not with rosegal-these are all UNDER $50!  I'm seriously over here drooling over some of these designs and the classy look they give you-and they look so comfy too! 


Okay, perhaps my favorite fashion accessory, can we talk about scarves now?  These are all under $10.


How about other accessories?  You'll want to make sure to top off your new coat or sweater wardrobe with some jewelry, bags, belts, hats, and hair goodies right?  Right.  I thought so.  Look at these! 

Rosegal has hundreds of items that are super inexpensive and would ad something fun and friendly to any wardrobe this fall.  I couldn't believe how many adorable items I found for my wishlist.  Seriously.  AND they have Halloween stuff too!

Bonus, they have offered readers 8% off their order with code joeyCgil at checkout! 

This post is brought to you on behalf of Rosegal.  All opinions are 100% mine.

Handmade Love: The Dark Stuff

Handmade Love: The Dark Stuff
                                                       1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Candles by Black Cloud Company
                                                       2. Mixed Media Sofia Queen of Heaven by Mulberry Mud
                                                       3. Moon Stud Earrings from Snark Factory
                                                       4. The Void Nail Lacquer from Firecracker Lacquer
                                                       5. Acrylic Owl Painting from In Amelia Art
                                                       6. Hand Crafted Ouija Board and Planchette from Jesse Acosta
                                                       7. Haphephobia Sad Youth Grunge Tee from Above Heaven
                                                       8. Black Leather Dragon Wallet from Pippenwycks
                                                       9. Oversized Talon Pendant from Roots and Feathers
                                                       10. Nightmares Light Up Bottle from Light Up Bottles by Live Steamy
                                                       11. Angelique Taffeta Burlesque Bustle from Gothic Burlesque
                                                       12. Four of Cups Original Drawing by Ryan Sheffield
                                                       13. Epiphany Original Drawing by Carissa Rose Art
                                                       14. Migraine Cracked Face Mask from Live Darkly
                                                       15. Slate and Charcoal Fakers from Peach Treats
                                                       16. Original Stamp Poison Bottle from Live Steamy

They say to appreciate the light you have to embrace your dark.
Do any of these lovely dark handmade items spark your interest?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bring Out Yer Dead

Do you all remember my friend Max who launched his inaugural game design Eaten by Zombies on Kickstarter back in December of 2011?  You might not, but it was such a fantastic game (there are even awesome expansions for it) and it did pretty well for the first game he'd ever designed, and then it got picked up by Mayday Games and they ran with it for a while.  Now, Max is striking out on his new venture and creating his own company-Ginger Ale Games!  The first game Ginger Ale Games is bringing to the market?  A wonderfully put together game called Bring Out Yer Dead.

Bring Out Yer Dead

Max has teamed up with Aaron Watts to design this game, and it looks fantastic!  I've seen him working hard to make the little coffin pieces, and even design the big coffin backpacks you can get with certain levels of support.  There is so much awesome in this game-the art is certainly not the least of it all.  Just have a look/listen to this overview-and yep, that's my friend Max talking at ya!

There are various levels of support you can sign up for on the Kickstarter page, and I personally snagged the one that gets my name on one of the coffins.  How cool is that going to be to see my name on it?  My name is also in the booklet for EbZ, I think I need to keep this trend up.  YOU can have your name on the board too if you snag a spot!  

You'd also be supporting someone I'm very close to as he goes out and reaches for his dreams-which is something I know all of us (maybe secretly) wish we could do.  So even if you go over and donate a buck, you'll have my gratitude-anything to help get this off the ground!  But I recommend getting a pre-order copy, they're going to be awesome.

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