#LoveWins And We Make History

A week ago today I was sitting at work, it was about 7:30AM and my phone went off. Loudly. It shocked me, because typically my phone is on silent and also, why the hell was anyone texting me at 7:30 in the morning?  That's early!

Well it wasn't a text.  It was this small, but important, notification from KSL:

I couldn't believe it.  I mean we'd been waiting on an answer from SCOTUS for months, and nearly holding our breath the past few days as they just kept saying "any day now..." But here it was, a little notification telling me what I expected and hoped for.  No more bans on gay marriage.  Marriage equality in all 50 states.

What did I do first?  Share to Facebook.  Second?  I texted Josh in Canada, and Shawn who is on vacation in Palm Springs.  Neither had heard the good news yet, and both were ecstatic about it.

It was amazing.  Sitting there all I could think about was that love did win, and how it was such a fantastic day to be alive while history was being made.  I thought about all of the women who fought for the right to vote and how they must have felt when the ruling was passed down, and how everyone who fought for race equality must have felt the day that decision was passed down... They must have felt like this.  They must have felt this surge in their chest.  They must have felt, for at least that day, proud to be an American.  As someone who's not terribly patriotic (I am grateful for everything I've been given and I support our troops-don't get me wrong), I sat there in complete awe and wonder, as I was immensely proud to be an American.  We may take a little longer than other countries trying to get these things fixed, but eventually we do, thank goodness.

No, this wont fix all of the problems, but it's sure a damn good start.  We still have so far to go.  There's still way too much hatred, bigotry, and persecution.  There are still so many states where you can be fired or evicted simply for being gay.  We still need so many non-discrimination laws put into place.  We still to deal with bullying, hate crimes, inequality of pay between the sexes, immigration, health care, war, etc.  There will still be bigots, homophobes, and racists out there.  But for today?  Today we can be happy that this one thing came to fruition so well.  That it was such a beautiful day in history.

One day, I'll tell future generations where I was on that historical day when we finally stood up against this small piece of bigotry.  That feels amazing.

Where were you when you heard the news?
Also, if you're anti marriage equality or you have something nasty to say, please just move along.
I don't want to get into any kind of debate or argument here, I simply want to celebrate loving one another.


Monthly Goals Link-Up: July

Monthly Goals Link-Up: July

How I Did Last Month
  • Post at least one New Blogger Series post. FAIL.
  • Read/Listen to at least 3 books. FAIL.
  • Clean up the files on my computer and my RSS reader. FAIL.
  • Start going to the gym at least 3 days a week. FAIL.
  • Get my water intake back in order by drinking at least 60oz of water a day. SUCCESS!
  • Try at least 4 new recipes. SUCCESS! 
  • Finish editing and share the photos I took in Canada. SUCCESS! 
  • Organize my kitchen pantry/cupboards. SUCCESS! 
  • Organize the spare room and pick things out for a yard sale. In Progress...
  • Keep having fun with a certain special someone. FAIL. (totally not my fault)
  • Participate in the Semi-Charmed 2015 Book Challenge. FAIL.
  • Host and participate in the Try Something New June 12X30 Challenge. SUCCESS!
  • Set up my company's booth at the Utah Pride Festival. SUCCESS!
  • Facetime with Josh at least twice.  I miss him!  SUCCESS! 
  • Make progress in my ComTIA certification for work. FAIL.
  • Make progress in my ISM certification for work. FAIL.
In my defense, it's been a pretty busy and/or stressful month.  I put an offer in on a house, it was accepted, I got the Inspection done, etc.  Plus, I spent some good quality time with friends, celebrated the Summer Solstice, and dealt with boy drama and how I felt about it. lol I am giving myself a pass this month, and next month-so I'm keeping next months goals easier.

This Month's Goals
  • Post at least one New Blogger Series.
  • Finish reading The Diviners.
  • Finish dejunking/setting stuff aside for a yard sale.
  • Put in my 30 day notice at my apartments (SCARY).
  • Pack all my stuff in preparation to move.
  • Move. (Fingers crossed it actually happens)
  • Clean the apartment fully for move out walk through.
  • Keep up my water drinking and try to move more.
  • Try out one water fitness class at the nearby pool.
How to Play Along
    Monthly Goals Link-Up: June Goals
    • Follow your hosts My So-Called Chaos and A Peek at Karen's World to keep up with this link-up.
    • Write up a post recapping last month's goals and setting goals for next month.
    • Make sure to include the button in your post by grabbing the code above.
    • Link up your goals post with the monthly linky which goes live on the first Thursday of the month.
    • Visit other links in the party to show support and offer advice for other goal setters.
    • Have fun and make some new friends!

    What are your goals this month?


    July 12x30 Challenge: Be Present

    July 12x30 Challenge: Be Present

    Whoa, this year is flying by!  It's more than half way over now, can you believe it?  Sheesh... Let's enjoy Summer while we can, shall we?  It's hot hot hot here, but still beautiful.

    Ways to participate this month:

    • Take a day off from your phone/computer.  No internet, no Facebook, no texting, nothing.  Just go outside and enjoy time with the people you care about.
    • Make a conscious effort to leave your phone at home or in the car when you're going out with people.
    • Make a "phone basket" for your table.  Everyone puts their phones in the baskets during dinner and they're not allowed to touch them until everyone is done.  Bonus, if you go out to eat, the first person to touch their phone pays for everyone!
    • Make an effort to not look at your computer/phone at least an hour prior to bedtime.  This will help you sleep better.
    • Have a "No TV Week" where the TV stays off all week.  Instead read, play board games, talk to people, etc.
    • Take up meditation.
    • Start a gratitude journal and write each day one thing that you were grateful for that day.
    • Start journaling of any kind, and make sure to do it each night before bed so you are fully present for that day.
    • Pay attention to the small things and the environment around you. Be thankful for the little things and living for the moment -- it will enable you to cultivate more positive experiences.

    Basically just take the time to actively be present in your life, and then write about it on your blog and join us!

    Blogging Prompts This Month
    • Write a list of ideas for "being present" in your life.
    • Write about an experience you had this month (or ever) where you were fully present.
    • Write about all of the things you can (or did) do when you weren't worried about your computer, phone, TV, etc.
    • Share some of your journal entries.
    Link Up With Us

    Link up any related posts with us this month hear.  Don't forget that Kenzie and I will be featuring our favorite posts at the end of the month.  Check out my features from last month HERE. Don't forget to include the button with the code above.  Make sure to share the things you do on Social Media and hashtag them with #12x30Challenge or #TrySomethingNew.

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